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Meet Sofia and Ryan McKay owners of Cramoisi Vineyard and learn their story from soil to glass ( Tastings in English and Spanish, open by appointment). Call us at 503-583-1536 or email to

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Cramoisi, French for crimson, is derived from the delightful crimson clover that blankets the vineyard every spring. Vibrant, elegant, earthy; Cramoisi reflects the color, beauty and complexity of our wines born from red volcanic soils. Estate grown with respect for the land, the grape and hardworking vineyard stewards.  Every bottle honors and delivers our passion, from soil to glass. 



We make our home in the renowned Dundee Hills AVA of Oregon's Willamette Valley.  It is a privileged place as our young vineyard is surrounded by some of the oldest vines in the region, planted by industry pioneers where terroir is proven and vineyards thrive.  So much is in our favor here, and we care for this land not only to make ultra-premium boutique wines, but also to give Oregon wines and this region a well respected place in the world, that will continue being a passion for others as it is for us.



Oregon has become the New-World mecca for Pinot Noir.  Thin skinned and temperamental, it craves the Northwest's cool climate and turns hair grey for even the most patient winegrower.  But its virtues, when finally in bottle, call us back again and again to partner with mother nature, seeking to capture the best of each vintage.  Our reverence for the grape is equaled only by our gratitude to the stewards who coax the unique character from our vineyard.  Our wines are a reflection of both.