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It is our joy and pleasure to share our passion with our guests.  Please join us for a tasting of our  finest boutique wines  releases and weather permitting a tour of the vineyard.  Every time of year offers its own opportunity to experience the vines in their constant evolution. 

Open daily by appoinment from 11:00am to 4:00pm.

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The year starts with the vines in their dormancy, showing their bony structure from the last growing season.  Later in the winter, after the risk of trunk disease has lessened, the vines are pruned and tied down in anticipation of spring. In April buds break and the growing season begins!  Soon the delightful crimson clover that blankets the vineyard every late spring bears its beautiful blossoms, attracting pollinators by the thousands.  In June, the grapevines themselves blossom and there is a distinct sweet smell in the air throughout the hills.   

Now that the grapes are pollinated, the green grapes swell in size while we drop excess fruit in our pursuit of growing the finest Pinot Noir.  In August we experience veraison, the changing of color in the grape berries.  At this time, harvest is just around the corner in either September or October depending on the warmth of the vintage.  As autumn progresses we are rewarded once again with striking colors painting the hillsides, as the leaves change colors and the vines give us one final act before entering dormancy once again.