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Cramoisi Vineyard follows ancient practices aimed at working together with the rhythms of Mother Nature.  Our philosophy empathizes with the writings of Rudolph Steiner. We believe that creating a healthy ecosystem in the vineyard will translate to a better place for our family, vine stewards, neighbors, and clientele that select our premium boutique wines.  Our priority is to create a place free of chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides that damage the soil and the living ecosystem it supports.  

Learning about biodynamic practices has added to our philosophy and continues to fuel our passion for creating a better place to live. This learning process has shown us the more we begin understand this complex web of nature, the greater and more complex it becomes which fuels us to continue learning.  Nowadays we are more conscious about the food we eat and inspired in the way farm our vineyard to create ultra-premium wines. 

We are spreading the word about living in harmony with nature and following ancient practices not only for viticulture but for agriculture in general. 

Our children are getting involved with these natural methods striving for harmony and balance, so they learn from an early age how to treat their world and respect their environment.  We believe these changes, while requiring a great deal more effort and attention to detail, will help us leave a better world for our kids and future generations. 

We will be posting videos about ancient preparations  and  what we do in Cramoisi Vineyard through the year.

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McKay Family
BD 500 preparation ready to be spray in the soil

BD 500 preparation ready to be spray in the soil




About Biodynamics

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In Cramosi Vineyard we base innovation on finding ways to harness ancient techniques that were lost or forgotten through the industrialization  of viticulture and agriculture in general. We are using ancient practices that frequently remind us who we were, who we are as a human being and where should we go or do in order to create a better place to live.